How does the quiz work?

What is the Scientific Passport? 
 This website is a tool that will allow you to explore five amazing locations of Padua in a fun and different way. 
La Specola museum - The museum of the History of Physics 
The Palazzo Bo - The Musme - The Botanical Garden 
In each of these locations, following the instructions, you will be able to activate a memorable experience with ease! 
Here’s what you’ll need to play: 
- A mobile phone with access to this website
- The passport that you will find in the five locations
Once the game has been completed for each location, you will be able to request the stamp that certifies your success and, if you complete all five locations, you will receive a small prize. 
How can I begin playing? 
To begin, simply go to one of the five locations indicated above. Remember that:
  • The order doesn’t matter. You can follow whatever order you like 
  • There is no time limit. You do not have to complete all the quizzes in just one day. You can complete your visits even on later days or weeks. 
  • Each site is open to the public at different times and has different visiting methods. You can find all the information on each individual site on the following pages or on their respective websites. 
  • You can play alone or in a small group 
Once you have arrived at a site, all you need to do is follow these simple steps 
  • Take on the scientific passport
  • Go to 
  • Enter your PASSPORT CODE. This is a unique code that you can find on the centre page of the passport which identifies your team. 
  • After entering the code and pressing “SEND”, you will see a page with the images related to the five sites. 
  • Select the site that you are exploring. 
  • At this point, you will be asked for the SITE CODE and given instructions on how to find it. This is the secret code that lets you start the QUIZ. So, you can activate the test only by going to the selected site. 


 How does the game work? 
Once you have started the game, you will be asked questions about the site you are visiting, the objects you see around you or details to discover, like a little treasure hunt. 
You will be able to find the information needed to respond to these questions if you look at the guide panels around you with a watchful eye, if you follow the instructions in the locations and if you pay attention to the guides in those places where a guided tour is compulsory. 
You will find 9 questions to answer at every site. Once the answer is given, you will be provided with more information and interesting facts on the subject. 
Once you have answered all 9 questions, you will have completed the quiz for that site! 
You will then be able to review your answers, move to another site and begin the new test associated with that location. 
Progetto FSE Cod. 35-1-1220-2017 - Un.Es.Co. Un'esperienza Condivisa per valorizzare il patrimonio culturale veneto
DGR 1220/2017 - Azioni di Sistema per lo Sviluppo di un’offerta turistica regionale Integrata